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    TechBuzz is a full-service digital marketing agency in Pakistan that provides high-quality domain and hosting services for local businesses of all sizes. Our full range of domain and hosting services includes Google Cloud hosting, CPanel/WHM, free SSL certificates, cloud Linux, free migrations, and offsite backups.

    Domain and Hosting

    Both net and net web hosting is the best thing you can do for a website. Tech Buzz prides itself on being a properly-controlled Pakistani website hosting issuer that allows the availability of specialized and safe hosting services to you. 

    We are a group of expert specialists who cautiously monitor the changing trend and  to improve our plans to provide our customers the best possible consequences.


    Benefits of Web and domain hosting:

    Web and domain hosting can be confusing for the people and general internet users. It seems like both of them deliver different business functions. Though, this is not the case. Domain hosting combines the idea of domain registration as well as its website hosting. Websites cannot be accessed if you do not have a website name. Your domain name is the cope with in which your business is hosted on line. Web hosting on the other hand does not contain the registration process. It’s the process after domain registration. Each site then features in the way you incorporated it for your web hosting plan.

    Reasons why web and domain hosting is important for your website:

    Data storage

    Setting a limit to storage can result in website shutdown while visitors is excessive on your web site. A premium web host will provide you with a variety of options depending on your data limit and fulfill your hosting needs.

    Reliable customer service

    High satisfactory customer support is a trademark of an excellent web hosting solutions provider. An amazing web host will usually be there when you need any form of technical help or support. It is able to provide more than one methods which will touch them whenever the need arises so that you can achieve this.

    Adds credibility

    If your business website having your own domain name then it makes your company look professional.  A General address such as www.com/yourbusiness does not build trust in a customer the way a www.yourcompany.com domain name can.

    Attract walk-in business

    If you make a decision to register a domain name that suits the concept of your business (rather than your specific business name), you would possibly draw web surfers or more visitors looking for that matter.

    Domain And Hosting Services

    Hosted On Google Cloud

    For a sharp and reliable hosting, you can trust us because we host our clients at the no.1 hosting hub the google cloud.


    Our favorite is also a worldwide leading hub in the game of web hosting.

    Free SSL Certificates

    We empower our customers by equipping them with SSL certificates to build their trust and loyalty

    Cloud Linux

    Cloudlinus assures a lucrative and trustworthy hosting platform for worldwide hosting providers and data centers.

    FREE Migrations

    Don’t brood while trusting in us as we’ll serve you by free migrations of all sorts.

    Offsite Backups

    We are not in the favor of mistakes but well-prepared for any mishaps by keeping timely backups of your websites and data.

    Imunify 360 Security

    A next-generation armor for trustable web hosting having integrated secure and malicious software detection capabilities.

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    We pledge to be available at your service at the maximal level and time.

    Cloudflare CDN

    Delivering you the highly guarded and fastest content via safest network.

    Why Techbuzz Domain & Hosting Services Are Better Than the Rest

    TechBuzz’s Domain Hosting services can provide several benefits to companies of all sizes and sectors. Here are some of the key advantages of using TechBuzz for domain hosting:

    Reliable Hosting

    TechBuzz provides dependable hosting services that assure the proper functioning of our client's websites. For ensuring that these websites are available constantly, we deploy high-quality servers and infrastructure.

    Secure Hosting

    TechBuzz is concerned about the security of its client's websites. To safeguard our clients' websites from cyber risks, we provide secure hosting services that include frequent backups, virus scanning, and other security measures.

    Affordable Hosting

    TechBuzz provides economical hosting services that are within most organizations' budgets. We offer high-quality hosting services at the most reasonable rates in the market.

    Flexible Hosting

    TechBuzz provides adaptable hosting services that may be tailored to their client's individual requirements. We design hosting packages with the features and resources that our clients want.

    Experienced Team

    TechBuzz offers a staff of skilled hosting professionals that can help and advise our clients. We assist them with any hosting-related concerns and guarantee that their websites remain operational at all times.


    The domain hosting services by TechBuzz are scalable, which means your ads can be altered to fit your company's growth and changing demands without compromising their performance or functionality.

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