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What is Pay Per Click in Digital Marketing?

What is pay per click? PPC Advertising is an internet marketing strategy that charges advertisers only when the ad is clicked. The advertiser has to pay a certain amount each time a visitor clicks on their advertisement. Ads are short-tailed keywords and focus on getting the highest traffic for the least amount of money.


ECommerce sites and lead generation sites most often use such campaigns. They offer a quick way to get traffic to your site without waiting long periods for it to come organically. If you have a new website or blog and want people to find it online, then PPC is a great place to start.


Why Choose Us?

At Techbuzz, We believe in quality and transparency. We’ve been in business for over a decade and are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service possible. Techbuzz is ready to help you earn more money by optimizing your campaigns or managing them for you.


We offer services for local and global niche markets with various pricing structures and campaign options. Our account managers work closely with each client to develop an effective strategy based on their unique business needs.


We are PPC Professionals

We believe in creating a strategy that will get you the best results for your business. So we’ll focus on the keywords and phrases that bring in customers that want what you have to offer.


We’re not just about getting clicks – we’re about getting conversions. So we’ll develop an effective campaign that converts leads into sales, using our expertise in lead generation, SEO, and marketing strategies.


Grow Your Business with Techbuzz

We have run campaigns for all kinds of businesses— from retail to restaurants, law firms to medical practices, and more — helping them use PPC to generate leads and increase sales.


Whatever your goals are – increasing traffic or growing sales – we’ll help you achieve them by putting together an effective strategy that delivers accurate results.


What is Pay Per Click and How We Do it?

We have a team of professionals who have been serving the digital world for the past few decades. Our professionals do thorough research and perform competitive analysis before making any strategy. Our research is our top priority, and we have the expertise for that purpose.


Focus on the Right Keywords

Your campaign needs to target keywords that people use when looking for what you sell. No matter how well you optimize your ad, if your keyword doesn’t get traffic, it won’t bring any sales. So, we choose relevant keywords for your businesses through complete research.

Set your Daily Budget

Once we know what keywords will perform best for your company, We set a daily budget for each keyword to analyze and bring the best results.

Write highly Effective Ads

If you want killer ad copies, we can help. Our team of experts will create ads for you that are proven to convert and get you more clicks.

Organize your Ads into Groups

Organizing your keywords into groups is a great way to focus your efforts on the most profitable keywords. Not sure how to do this? Please leave it to us! We will develop an effective ad group structure for you.

We Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimizing your landing page for conversions is essential to get the most out of your campaign. This means ensuring it reflects the keywords you are targeting and contains clear calls to action that prompt users to complete the desired action.

We Set up Conversion Tracking

It can be challenging to measure the effectiveness of ads without conversion tracking. So we help you track clicks and impressions so you know which ads generate interest among potential customers and which aren’t performing well.


Benefits of Pay Per Click

As you have already got the answer of “What is pay per click?” Now is the time to know its benefits. It is particularly beneficial in conjunction with SEO (search engine optimization) since both strategies complement each other.

  • Higher ROI than other forms of online advertising
  • Ability to target your desired audience based on location, demographics, ad copy and more
  • Real-time reporting on keywords and ads that are performing well or not so well
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad, so you don’t have to worry about wasted impressions


Interested in Boosting your Website’s Performance?

It is a leading way to bring traffic, leads and sales to your business. If you’re new to PPC, it may not be very clear at first. However, once you start understanding it, you’ll realize how powerful it can be for your business.


What is pay per click, in simple words?

PPC is an online advertising model to bring website traffic. You will be paying an amount depending on the clicks you get per day. It is time-efficient and cost-effective to generate leads and sales while bringing the right audience to your landing page.


Which is better, PPC or SEO?

Both PPC and SEO can be effective if done correctly. The best approach is to understand how each one works and then use them together in a cohesive manner to boost your results. 

However, PPC is the best choice for you if you want results faster, as it does not take much time.


If you are looking forward to skyrocketing your sales, then Techbuzz can help you with PPC advertising


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