Tech Buzz First Team Dinner- How to Refresh a Mind!

This year has been amazingly entertaining for all the employees at TECH BUZZ. If you say that company makes you a better person, so this is 100% true and it makes you worth living.


Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the good things, but we can look back at the happy moments always, hold everything dear, and welcome new things with our fullest warmth.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, yes….I’m talking about the dinner party thrown by the Tech Buzz Firm in a Gorgeous Venue Spice Bazaar. The evening was not intended to gather employees on a table to have a unique dining experience but for sharing hard works, goals and their ultimate full of lessons stories

 “Dinner is Better When We Eat Together”

Making new connections in a round table are always an outstanding experience. The amazing food brings joy in your mood. As, it is rightly said that “Good Food, Good Mood” which means good food makes your mood really good.  We had splendid moments with each other, shared laughs, worries, queries and the most important counseling tactics.


We are incredibly thankful to all the team who helped to make this evening memorable. And a very special thanks to The CEO Usman Shabbir & the Co-Founder Muhammad Mehran,  for putting together the best group of people to enjoy the night with.







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